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Home Buyers,Click here to learn more why you need a home inspection

Home Buyers,
Click here to learn more why you need a home inspection
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View sample reports,
contracts, brochures & more
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Click here to view our latest home inspection pictures

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Take a look at what some of our clients have said about us, maybe your testimonial will be here next!
John Zentmyer
Realtor at Coldwell Banker Honig Bell
My clients like Dominic because he isn't a deal killer with homes. He is very knowledgeable with homes that a lot of issues are very fixable. There is a huge difference between Honey Do's and major home repairs. He gives a great value with service vs. cost of inspection. And has a great team that together with him test for mold and radon. Dominic gets two thumbs up from Johnny Z
Vern Penrod
Vern Penrod
Owner & Managing Broker, Results Realty Group.
Experienced Short Sale Agent
I have used Dominic a number of time and all my clients have been VERY happy with his services. Very professional, takes the time to explain everything and supplied a professional detailed report.
David Stoll
We had to cancel the inspection at the last minute, after the deal fell through on the first house we made an offer on. Dominic was great. He said, "No problem, call me if you need me." It was a few months later that we found the house we wanted and needed someone on short notice. I called Clear Perspective and Dominic was able to accommodate our schedule. Due to other issues we were having, we needed the written report as soon as possible. Dominic changed his schedule for the day and was able to get his written report e-mailed to myself as well as my realtor within hours of his inspection. I was impressed with the detail of the report having gotten it on such short notice. They were a pleasure to deal with and went above and beyond for us. I would recommend them to anyone in the market for a home.
Sandra Castillo-Meza
Dominic was so thorough & professional when we thinking about purchasing our home, we were so happy we called him for an inspection. Excellent job Dominic! Thank you so much!
Jose R. Clyde Morales
Professionals that know what they're doing and can save homeowners thousands of dollars from hidden or potential costly repairs prior to purchasing their future homes!
Michael Prueter
This could be your safest insurance for your new home. Dominic is a true professional and easy to work with. You are assured of a problem free home with Clear Perspective. Better to identify issues before you move in!!!
Anthony B
Thanks Dominic! Watching you work and listening to your suggestions taught me lots! You are a true professional.


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